RNA is synthesized in the direction of 5' to 3' end, using the antisense strand of DNA double strand as template, under the catalysis of RNA polymerase, using four nucleosides of triphosphate as raw materials, according to the principle of base pairing, through the formation of phosphate diester bond, without the involvement of primers, synthetic RNA with the same sequence as DNA coding chain. The basic process of transcription consists of the following four parts: template recognition, initiation of transcription, passage through promoters, extension of transcription, and termination of transcription.

1 RNA types

double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)

Single-stranded RNA(ssRNA)

agomir and antagomir

Terminal modified RNA: Thiol, Amino, biotin, phos, C9, C18  

Fluorescent modified RNA: FAM, HEX, Cy3, Cy5, TET, TAMRA 

Specially modified RNA: DBCO, Desthiobiotin, Cy5.5, Cy7, Hexynyl, BHQ1, BHQ2, BHQ3  

Photosensitive modified RNA: dT-NPOM PL   

Digoxin modified RNA: ATTO

Some modified RNA: 2'OME, dI, dU, rI, 2'F, 2'MOE, LNA, m6A, m5C, m5U 

2 RNA Service

The length of RNA ranged from 4 to 80 nt

The synthesized RNA was purified by HPLC  

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