Wushan (Guangzhou) Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd established in Guangzhou, had set up branches in Shenzhen, Xian and Nanning, which is the life science company focusing on gene, protein and health. WuShan Company has more than 13 years experience in biological products, genomics, proteomics, medical health research fields. Comprehensive technical services basically cover the life science research fields. Since Wushan company establishment, it has become the strategic partner and preferred supplier of global well-known multinational companies and famous universities.


Wushan company has three brands: Wushan services, Wushan medicals and Wushan products. 

Wushan services provides bioinformatics analysis, high-throughput sequencing, proteome, metabolome and cell experiments for colleges, universities, scientific research institutions, hospitals and individuals.

Wushan medicals provides testing services.

Wushan products provides instrument & consumables including centrifuges, measuring cylinders, gloves, PCR tubes.


Wushan company commitment is consistent, which provides the best service portfolio to customers, including high-quality products, high-quality services, fast results and competitive.





Wushan Biomedicals